Spence vs Garcia: Fight Analysis

Looking at the measurements of Errol Spence Jr. vs. Mikey Garcia, the welterweight champion has the edge in length and size. Spence Jr. outweighs Garcia 147lbs to 135lbs, is 3.5 inches taller, has a four-inch advantage in the reach department. Garcia’s ambitious attempt to increase his weight to jump up multiple divisions makes him the much smaller opponent in the contest.

It’s not only Garcia fighting at a higher weight that has many worried about the outcome of the fight for his sake. Spence Jr. is a stout, natural weight 147-pound fighter and he has been an imposing force in the welterweight division. Some speculate that Spence Jr. himself could bump up and fight at a higher weight division.

The welterweight champ’s imposing size and strength will not be the only factor that Garcia has to watch out for. Spence Jr. has the ability to throw a bevy of powerful punches and it will be next to impossible for Garcia to dodge him the whole night. Garcia will be unable to dance around the ring and sooner or later Spence Jr. will land a series of crunching blows.

Garcia has been hard at work attempting to increase his own strength and size to match up with Spence Jr., but that will be a tall task. This is easily the biggest, strongest, and most talented fighter Garcia has ever faced, and he will not win a fight simply trading punches. Some analysts believe Garcia’s attempt to match Spence Jr.’s attributes will be futile. They fear that the added muscle on his body will weigh him down and negatively effect his endurance level.

Another factor to consider is the fact that this is Garcia’s first time fighting in the welterweight division. He has not had a tune up fight at the 147-pound weight division and it is a risky venture for him. On top of that, he is fighting a lean and mean welterweight who is in the thick of his prime. A lightweight climbing the ranks to beat a welterweight at the top of his game is a rarity in the sport of boxing.

For Garcia to have a chance to win this fight, he will have to effectively counter the pressing attack of volume punches Spence Jr. will deliver and pick his spots with the upmost precision. Garcia can compete with the best of them in terms of counter punches and he will have to search for the right openings to take advantage of throughout the night. He must display patience, maintain his boxing fundamentals, and not falter when Spence Jr. quickly attacks. To do that, his endurance level must be at its highest level in his career.

The power, tenacity, and ferocious punching speed of Spence Jr. will be impossible for Garcia to face head on. The only hope for Garcia is to out maneuver him on the run and stay out of his reach until the chance for a counter attack presents itself. The challenge with that is that Garcia does not have a distinct advantage fighting with limber feet compared to Spence Jr. It might become even more challenging for him to land one effectively blow fighting that way.

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The odds are stacked against Mikey Garcia in the fight against the welterweight champion. He will have to be craftier than ever to knock Spence Jr. off his feet in this bout.

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