What Channels is the Spence vs Garcia Fight on TV?

The Errol Spence Jr. vs Danny Garcia fight will be the debut event for PBC to be televised by FOX PPV. The PBC released the schedule for the first three months of its television deal with FOX Sports in November and it included eight title fights within that stretch. Apart from the Spencer-Garcia fight, all the fights can be watched live on FOX or FS1. The clash between the undefeated superstars was too big of a fight for regular television and it was decided that would be broadcast on FOX PPV.

What channels will boxing fans need to tune in to in order to watch the fight on Decembar 05th? It looks like the exact price of the PPV event has yet to be determined but the fight can be ordered and watched through a multitude of FOX outlets. The network offers fans the chance to watch the fight by using the device of most convenience to them.

To purchase the exclusive PPV event, fans can use their computer or their mobile device. If you are in front of the computer screen, then you want to go to fox.com or foxsports.com to order the fight. If you do not have the luxury of being beside the computer screen, then your mobile device or tablet can be used to purchase the showdown through the FOX NOW app or the FOXSports app.

Luckily, you can watch all the action live through any of these previously mentioned options provided by FOX.

If you have cable and purchased the fight online, then contact your service provider to determine how to pick up the event on FOX. You can watch the fight on fox.com or foxsports.com through your computer should there be any difficulty watching the fight on your television through cable.

If you wish to watch the fight through one of the network’s apps, then you can do so through the FOX NOW app or the FOX Sports app. Fans on the go who need to watch the fight on their mobile device or tablet will want to download both apps well in advance to ensure they are working properly before the day of the big championship matchup.

You can also watch the Spence Jr. vs Garcia fight live on your television using the FOX NOW app or the FOX Sports app. If you have an online streaming service, then you likely have the option to access the previously mentioned apps. Depending on your specific streaming service, you can watch the apps on your television by punching in the login credentials of your service. Specific services can provide access to one of the apps or both. An additional app called FOX Sports GO is available to watch on your device via your login information for your streaming service.

If you are unsure which apps you can gain access to with your cord cutting service, then the information can be tracked down on the service’s website or by contacting them directly via phone or email.

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